Volkswagen Body

  • Restoring Your VW to Its Original Condition
    Today’s vehicles are complex, sophisticated and technologically advanced. A multitude of systems must work together to provide an enjoyable and safe driving experience. This includes you car’s sheet metal, bumpers, structural body components and safety related items such as airbags and seat belt retractors.
  • With that said, accidents happen. To ensure your Volkswagen vehicle is properly repaired and safe for the road again, it’s imperative you bring it Kuhn Collision Repair center and have the repairs completed by our VW certified collision repair facility. Your vehicle will be repaired correctly by our trained and certified technicians and all work will adhere to Volkswagen’s strict repair standards. Genuine Volkswagen parts will be used and our technicians will follow and maintain all vehicle warranties. Furthermore, our VW certified collision repair facility uses tools specifically designed to repair your vehicle.